Where did that come from? 

Yet again, the month leading up to a Camp NaNowrimo session disappeared into the mist and left me wondering what I had planned. At least it’s a familiar feeling.

This Camp, I am going to actually try and do something from the Deborah Chester book. It’s called Planning. And I am terrified. By which I mean I have drawn on all the help I can to make myself try out the Big Scary that is Planning.

The story is a modern fantasy, set in Melbourne, with a young woman by the name of Emilie as the main character. She seems normal enough, except since she’s the main character clearly she’s not. A sudden ‘promotion’ at work throws her out of her depth and into a world she didn’t realised existed. Which only gets more complicated when a puppy suddenly appears.

Or, as the Deborah Chester method would have me write it according to SPOOC: When she is specifically requested to manage interersonal conflicts for two big charities working towards a combined event (Situation), Emilie (Protagonist) is determined to prove herself capable (Objective) despite the added distraction of a stray puppy claiming her as it’s own. But can she acquite herself with skill and composure when she’s been set up (Opponent), and the people she’s working for are far more dangerous than they appear (Climax).

Okay, I did modify the last bit, because spoilers. But look, it’s got a structure!

I have also done a ‘plot’ breakdown, which I tried to get as a scene/sequel break down. Honestly, I had a lot of trouble with it because I’ve done a bit of script/screen writing and the word ‘scene’ doesn’t mean the same thing in that context. Thankfully, a friend of mine helped me work out what would happen sequentially, and made note of the plot points. That’s what the scenes are, key plot points. They’re the hooks you hang the story on. The sequels are the bits right after that when your characters process what just happened. That made it a whole lot easier.

So, the goal is to follow the outline. If I get 50,000 words then even better, and should I happen to crank out the full draft, hopefully around that magic 95,000 words Chester recommends, that is brilliant. Fingers crossed.

Bring on Camp! I am prepared for procrasti-baking!

My lovely friend made me a recipe book of some brilliant things in there. I am pretty excited to try them out. Once I have words for the day. Words first. Mostly…

And necessary bunny post. Duchess being a shoulder bunny. She’s such a funny floof.