Where did that come from? 

Yet again, the month leading up to a Camp NaNowrimo session disappeared into the mist and left me wondering what I had planned. At least it’s a familiar feeling.

This Camp, I am going to actually try and do something from the Deborah Chester book. It’s called Planning. And I am terrified. By which I mean I have drawn on all the help I can to make myself try out the Big Scary that is Planning.

The story is a modern fantasy, set in Melbourne, with a young woman by the name of Emilie as the main character. She seems normal enough, except since she’s the main character clearly she’s not. A sudden ‘promotion’ at work throws her out of her depth and into a world she didn’t realised existed. Which only gets more complicated when a puppy suddenly appears.

Or, as the Deborah Chester method would have me write it according to SPOOC: When she is specifically requested to manage interersonal conflicts for two big charities working towards a combined event (Situation), Emilie (Protagonist) is determined to prove herself capable (Objective) despite the added distraction of a stray puppy claiming her as it’s own. But can she acquite herself with skill and composure when she’s been set up (Opponent), and the people she’s working for are far more dangerous than they appear (Climax).

Okay, I did modify the last bit, because spoilers. But look, it’s got a structure!

I have also done a ‘plot’ breakdown, which I tried to get as a scene/sequel break down. Honestly, I had a lot of trouble with it because I’ve done a bit of script/screen writing and the word ‘scene’ doesn’t mean the same thing in that context. Thankfully, a friend of mine helped me work out what would happen sequentially, and made note of the plot points. That’s what the scenes are, key plot points. They’re the hooks you hang the story on. The sequels are the bits right after that when your characters process what just happened. That made it a whole lot easier.

So, the goal is to follow the outline. If I get 50,000 words then even better, and should I happen to crank out the full draft, hopefully around that magic 95,000 words Chester recommends, that is brilliant. Fingers crossed.

Bring on Camp! I am prepared for procrasti-baking!

My lovely friend made me a recipe book of some brilliant things in there. I am pretty excited to try them out. Once I have words for the day. Words first. Mostly…

And necessary bunny post. Duchess being a shoulder bunny. She’s such a funny floof.


Pre-Camp Post

Camp NaNoWriMo is just around the corner again, and I find myself clumsily stuffing anything I can find into my bag.
For some reason I don’t really want to investigate, I am going to attempt Camp again this year. Despite the beyond appalling showing I had last time. It must be a kind of self-inflicted madness, though I seem to be collecting people to drag in with me. At least we can all be mad together I guess.

I have been gently coaxing myself to write lately, things that make no real sense and are not part of a story. I am hoping to do much the same with Camp. Somehow, I am going to coax myself through a much smaller word count than usual, and see what I can produce around my new job. I’m writing this on the train in, determined to make the hour trip worth something to me in and of itself.

This time, I have no idea what my Camp project is, and I am hoping I can bear that better this time than last time. We’ll see. There are still a few more days to get a panicked idea ready.


Our local wildlife, a wet and hungry kookaburra.

Maybe this little guy has some ideas to share…

Packed and Panicking: Camp NaNoWriMo April 2014

I am packed. Virtually,  digitally packed, at any rate. Camp NaNoWriMo is here, and I accidentally ended up organised.
I have my notebooks, my good pens, a keyboard that makes typing easy, and a supply of Hello Panda to ward off sugar crashes.
There is even an idea, just waiting to be a full story.
So here I am, sitting at the door with my suitcase, waiting until it’s time to head off. I could start now, but it’s early and I am overcome but sudden nerves.
Instead of being gleeful at the adventure to come and the friends to meet, I am starting to feel sick in my stomach. The doubts, and my still present Inner Editor, are giving me a hard time. What if my characters don’t like me? What if the ridiculously early mornings make my brain squish? What if my bunnies eat all the things I need and none of the things left out for them?
Oh, how I hope I haven’t signed myself up for a month of procrastinating, more crochet than content. Time to make a start though.
Onward! To stories, adventure, and the hunt for Plot Bunnies!


Duchess helping look for my inspiration

Packing for Camp NaNoWriMo

I suddenly realised, thanks to the wonders of Facebook, that it is March and that means Camp NaNo is right around the corner.
Normally I would be excited, but I am all out of creative ideas, if the as yet unfinished In the Gods’ Hands project wasn’t proof enough. So I have been haunting all my old creative places to find inspiration.
All I find are bunnies.
These bunnies are not the glorious binkying Plot Bunnies so treasured by NaNoers the world over, but their sleepy midday counterparts. They lounge around with content expressions or flop out in the heart-stopping ‘dead bunny’ and sleep. Rousing a flopped bunny is very difficult at that point.
Instead of being intimidated by the all but unresponsive condition of my Plot Bunnies,  I will take this opportunity to assemble my equipment. Camp is an adventure of truly unexpected events and a well packed adventurer’s kit is essential. If I prepare while the bunnies are sleeping, and there are still days between me and Camp, I might be able to start a story somewhere on Day One.
I will worry about coaxing the Plot Bunnies into action later, right now I have lists to write!


Duchess and Dusty relaxing.

In the Gods’ Hands: Day 15-20

In the interest of getting things out the way so I can have a clear slate for the last 10 days of NaNoWriMo, here are the days I have missed so far.

On the up side, I’ve managed to write a whole 600 words on the novel! That’s right, it started! And I met a random dude named Rhet, so Rand and Rhet are having a cool drink and allowing me to have an exposition dump that will might slip past the usual cliches. Though not likely, Rhet seems to have this idea that making Rand state things plainly, or guess things based on their previous dealings, is hilarious. Hopefully, in the re-draft he’ll have a different name because Rand and Rhet are a bit close for my liking, but a random character arrived! Yay writing!

Day 15

ItGH Day 15

Day 16

ItGH Day 16

Day 17

ItGH Day 17

Day 18

ItGH Day 18

Day 19

ItGH Day 19

Day 20

ItGH Day 20


When I get some more of the things I need to get done ticked off, I will do some more word wars into the campaign that is NaNoWriMo 2013. Here’s hoping that adversity reveals characters.


In the Gods’ Hands: Day 11 – 14

I am, without doubt, one of the many who fall victim to Week 2 of NaNoWriMo. The problem, of course, isn’t about falling victim, it’s about being able to pick yourself up, get your head on straight, and go at the words again. Which, I haven’t been able to do since the start of the month. I keep saying ‘I’ll just catch up, I can write a lot of words, it’ll be no trouble’. Good one Procrastination Me!

Since I’ve missed so many days, I’m going to finish out the Week 2 pictures, and put another one up of the Week 3 dice so far. Hopefully, getting something up here will motivate me to actually start this crazy project. Here’s hoping, there are only so many days left to write, and so many hours in those days.

Day 11


Day 12


Day 13


Day 14


I will now go away and consider what the dice gods are saying to me, because I have to decipher what they mean and I could do with another cup of tea to deal with that. Or, I could do what my bunny did.


Yup, pretty tempting right there…

In the Gods’ Hands: Day 9 and 10

I think this should be considered proof that NaNoWriMo is cyclic, and sometimes it’s very hard to be structured. I am, however, actually working through the previous days symbols and making some sense of them. It’s not looking like it makes too little sense or too much sens, so that’s probably better than my previous NaNoWriMo attempts.


Day 9



Day 10



More interesting things on the dice!

So far, I think the story is going to be based on a McGuffin of Prophecy, that I have no idea how it’s going to work in the long term. And apparently there is a secret underground city, which is somehow related to the lyrics ‘Come down/Far below/ we’ve been waiting to correct the things you know’. Yup, this story is getting more and more unusual as I go. Should be really good to get a couple of days actually writing it! Fingers crossed for the weekend.