Songs have more than one story

I was in the shower, singing along to a song I’d used for the restart of Throne of Shadows, before I actually got to plan it for Camp NaNo August 2012.

The story that came to me today was a new start for a modern fantasy young adults series. At the moment, it’s called Gwen because that’s the current name of the MC.

Idea notes:

Gwen has run away/snuck out, because she’s struggling with the realisations of the lies that her Grandmother and brother were telling her, particularly that she’s a witch.  It’s raining, not heavily, but enough to make her more miserable. As she’s wondering if someone, anyone, cares that she’s not at home, a young man only a few years older than her appears and says that they need to get out of there. She goes with him, something about him sparking a feeling of belonging she hadn’t known before.

They do need to get out of there, the henchmen of the Bad Guy (immortal priest bent on destroying witches probably) are on Gwen’s trail, and somehow the boy hides them. But they’re herded towards an old miner’s cottage, which is meant to be empty. It’s not, and as they hide in the small outbuilding to try and not get noticed by the Bad Guy, Gwen realises that she can recognise the sobbing voice coming from inside the cottage. A girl from her school, pretty, popular, and definitely in trouble. Before she can convince her new friend that they have to do something, the Bad Guy appears, and makes some revelations about his hatred of witches, and his ability to see their magical abilities. Then, right when Gwen is going to act, in comes her Grandmother, and claims the girl is under her protection, and that the Bad Guy knows better than to cross those lines. Some more interesting things happen.

Gwen sneaks back home, and pretends that she doesn’t know anything about it, and pretends that she believes the popular girl is dropping over to visit her brother. It’s happened before, but now Gwen knows that they’re not just being older teens doing older teen things. She feel betrayed, isolated, but she has met one person who cares what happens to her. She does something, small and symbolic, to remind herself about this guy.

End of idea.

Right, now it’s on the internet, I either will forget it, or I will look at it and be all ‘what on Earth was I going on about’…