In the Gods’ Hands: Day 15-20

In the interest of getting things out the way so I can have a clear slate for the last 10 days of NaNoWriMo, here are the days I have missed so far.

On the up side, I’ve managed to write a whole 600 words on the novel! That’s right, it started! And I met a random dude named Rhet, so Rand and Rhet are having a cool drink and allowing me to have an exposition dump that will might slip past the usual cliches. Though not likely, Rhet seems to have this idea that making Rand state things plainly, or guess things based on their previous dealings, is hilarious. Hopefully, in the re-draft he’ll have a different name because Rand and Rhet are a bit close for my liking, but a random character arrived! Yay writing!

Day 15

ItGH Day 15

Day 16

ItGH Day 16

Day 17

ItGH Day 17

Day 18

ItGH Day 18

Day 19

ItGH Day 19

Day 20

ItGH Day 20


When I get some more of the things I need to get done ticked off, I will do some more word wars into the campaign that is NaNoWriMo 2013. Here’s hoping that adversity reveals characters.



In the Gods’ Hands: Day 11 – 14

I am, without doubt, one of the many who fall victim to Week 2 of NaNoWriMo. The problem, of course, isn’t about falling victim, it’s about being able to pick yourself up, get your head on straight, and go at the words again. Which, I haven’t been able to do since the start of the month. I keep saying ‘I’ll just catch up, I can write a lot of words, it’ll be no trouble’. Good one Procrastination Me!

Since I’ve missed so many days, I’m going to finish out the Week 2 pictures, and put another one up of the Week 3 dice so far. Hopefully, getting something up here will motivate me to actually start this crazy project. Here’s hoping, there are only so many days left to write, and so many hours in those days.

Day 11


Day 12


Day 13


Day 14


I will now go away and consider what the dice gods are saying to me, because I have to decipher what they mean and I could do with another cup of tea to deal with that. Or, I could do what my bunny did.


Yup, pretty tempting right there…

In the Gods’ Hands: Day 7 and 8

So, I might have done that thing where the end of Week One ended up in a stumble and fall… I have done the dice, and some thinking, for the days that have gone between my last post and today, but I’m not going to bombarded this post with dice pictures. Mainly, because that’s just silly. There will just have to be some catching up in the pictures.

Day 7

The dice are cast again, getting new symbols

The dice are cast again, getting new symbols

Thankfully, I like those dice, and they have a bit to give me.

Day 8, and a smiling face!

Day 8, and a smiling face!


At this point, I would like to point out ghat I’ve managed to actually get some story to make sense! Well, I’ve managed to get up to Day 8 anyway.

I think once I’m caught up on the dice days, I might be able to put up a running synopsis. Maybe. Should the characters actually play…

In the Gods’ Hands: Day 6

Just when I thought there would be nothing to the whole dice making a story happen, I rolled this…


Now, it may not look like anything, but when I was talking about this world the day before NaNo, I decided that I was going to have giant sand turtles that ate people. And that top dice, that is a turtle.
Things are going to get complicated for Rand and Zeva, and by complicated I mean may involve some potentially deadly aquatic-desert life.
But there is a rainbow, so it has to end up okay, right? Here’s hoping so, I have another 24 days to go!

My alarm clock this morning was a little fluffier than usual.

In the Gods’ Hands: Day 5

Today, I managed to do the first little bit of scribbling to try and make sense of the story. Which is a pretty big thing for me to manage, considering.

The good thing was that it started to give me an idea about how things are going to look later on in the book. It looks nothing like I wanted it to, which upsets me a little since I only had one guiding theme going into this story, but it’ll work. The dice gods haven’t made a complete fool out of me that often. Outside of at the roleplaying table. Let’s not talk about that…

Instead, here is today’s dice offering!

Day 5, and the dice gods seem to have a real thing for talking... My guess is there is going to be a lot of exposition going on.

Day 5, and the dice gods seem to have a real thing for talking… My guess is there is going to be a lot of exposition going on.

These have had a nice thematic continuation through the days, and I like that the new symbols are slowly coming in and aren’t completely replacing anything I have had before. Now it’s just a matter of making them make sense.

Hopefully plot bunny will help me!

I think the plot went this way!

I think the plot went this way!

In the Gods’ Hands: Day 3 and 4

So, I’ve managed to miss two days of posting on this story. Which should really give an indication of just how well I’m doing balancing my academic and my creative side.

But, here is the picture for Day 3:

Day 3 dice!

Day 3 dice!

And Day 4 dice:

Day 4

Day 4

I think there are a lot of secrets, and a lot of seeking, and a lot of things about the world. Which is good, because the world needs some fleshing out. And so does everything else that goes with it. I should really grab my characters, give them a coffee, and encourage them to tell me their life story.  I don’t think they will, since they’re the secretive things. Ah, well, it’ll work out in the end, it’s NaNoWriMo, it works.

Another mystery that needs solved, these two darlings are new at home and need names.

Another mystery that needs solved, these two darlings are new at home and need names.

‘In the Gods’ Hands’ Day 2

Day Two and I have some talking to do. Well, actually, mainly sleep and Thesis and I need to chat, but that’s not the point.
I am yet to put fingers to keys with this story, but I am still looking for answers in the runes!

What that means, I am yet to puzzle out.
I have to start soon though, or I’ll lose all the momentum if Week One and end up trudging through Week Two fighting the Blank Page Demon.
However, cute things make it better!

I wonder if my characters can have a desert rabbit…