Looking Back on 2016

This has been a weird and wacky shaped year indeed. So, since I was terrible at keeping things up to date, here is a quick overview of the things I did. Which I may, or may not, be able to put posts up about next year should I get through the brain fog.

Part of the reason for the lack of posts has been exhaustion, some of it’s been a change in medication and the resulting brain mush, and part of it has been that I wasn’t sure what to even say anymore.

I honestly believed I had done nothing and therefore there was nothing to tell. Yeah, I was wrong about that.

This year, I have moved house, got a cat, and a dog, had to say goodbye unexpectedly to Duchess bunny, learned a little about gardening, and done a lot of reading and listening to craft discussions. That’s not even counting the writing I’ve been doing.

So, in no particular order, here are the things I’ve managed to do this year.

I have worked on a modern fantasy novel I actually plotted, with the working title The Black Dog. I only got about 27k into it in Camp NaNoWriMo, but I had run into a plot problem and had no idea how to fix it. Then I found Save The Cat by Blake Snyder, and I found out I had been putting the points in place for a different kind of conflict than the ones I’d thought. What a neat thing that was!

For NaNoWriMo, I took the Beat Sheet from Blake Snyder and whacked it over my ridiculously fun fantasy world for Abernath and the Mermaids’ Tears, which I managed to finish. I hit word count, and I wrote The End. All while managing to be largely accurate to the plot points and having enough room to move. When you have a young griffin as your point of view character, a little room to fly is always handy.

I also managed to get two spontaneous story ideas, which is a big thing since I had been going through the process mechanically for the last few years due to brain medication. It was glorious! One was a cute little story of a young Abernath rescuing a wet kitten, and the other was a story from the same world but that will be a bigger piece. Princess Astrid has a war to stop, and that’s no short thing.

Of course, that mechanical, skill based process means I have been reading craft books on everything from the actual words to the writerly mindset. Those notes I will put up in posts, because they are going to be handy to go back to.

There are some good podcasts I’ve found as well. There are writing craft ones, self publishing ones, author mindset ones, and ones I’m not entirely sure about. Those I will also post about somewhere, because I had recommendations that led me to the good ones.

I’ve started the terrifying task of editing my vomit copies, and it’s messy! Especially the things I wrote well before I had managed to work out the delicate balance between plotting and discovery writing. I’m still working on that, but I have a better handle on it than I did.

So, all told, I did a lot in 2016.

Who knew?

Here’s hoping 2017 is as productive, and that I actually remember to post things.


Bridget, showing me that it’s not just writing I’ve done a lot with.