How to Kill Your Momentum, option one

I want to be really honest from the get go here. I adore NaNoWriMo, because of the community and because it means I get a free pass to tell people how many words I’ve written lately. 
So, when I knew I was going to have a wickedly tricky end of Week Two/Start of Week Three, I had a plan. I did all the words I could think of before the horsemanship clinic on the weekend so I could hang out with my partner on the Friday night, be an excited exhausted wreck on Saturday night, and collapse in a happy, horsey heap on the Sunday night.

Which left me Monday to start writing again, thank you very much. And I can do almost 2k words on the train on the commute so I should be doing it easy.

Unfortunately, I did exactly what I was trying to do.

I wrote everything I had planned and got to the Midpoint Battle, complete with battle! Which will need a reworking because there are actual ship battles, and I am terrible at fight scenes and scared of the ocean. Yeah. Write what you’re scared of people!

When I got to Monday, I had nothing to write. 

I stared at Captain Drake and Abernath the griffin and waited for them to do something. They stared back, and waited for me to tell them what the merfolk were doing. And the merfolk patiently waited for me to tell them how much they knew and how pissed they were at the human interference at a small scared grove.

Not to self: Do not write all you know. Save something to go to for next session. Whenever that maybe. Do it however works for you, but stopping at a good moment to stop may mean your momentum is harder to pick up again next session. Whenever that is.

And I have only just started to get momentum going again. We’re in Week Three proper. Momentum, it matters.

Bridget is getting rather round with the spring grass. Another good example of needing momentum.