Off Like A Shot!

I managed to get one chapter done, on day one, despite having work and appointments, and needing to sew the snowpeas and stop the lime tree trying to crush the dwarf lemon.

One of the things I realised I hadn’t really thought about was what style I wanted to write in. Which, as fundamental as it sounds, really doesn’t surprise me. There was going to be something important I had forgotten. At least it wasn’t what the name of my characters were, or how to start, or something as important as what the antagonist wants. Those are my usual things to forget, so style is a nice change.

Because I am a terrible mimic, and by that I mean I tend to mimic without meaning to, there was a very real danger that I would end up mixing the modern science fiction style and the more classical style of Pride and Prejudice. Without realising it, most of the small scenes that had been playing out in my head before Camp NaNoWriMo were combining the two different styles until I sat down and the style came out. I am intrigued to see how it plays out over the longer chapters, especially when there are those lovely skimming sections that cover months of things happening. Jane Austen really is a master of that, and I’m listening to Mansfield Park, and the transition of time is handled even more cleverly there than in Pride and Prejudice.

The other thing I am going to ponder in the background while I do other things is what sort of heroine this Lizzy will be. She has to be clever, and witty, and capable. But I have to balance that out with needing Darcy to be able to resolve the disaster before it can truly taint the Bennet family. It’s not about him being the hero, it’s about him doing what he can to prevent her pain, believing he would never see her again. It’s not doing what’s right, or what you’re driven to do for love, it’s something else. I’m still working on what it actually is, why I like that particular ‘rescue’ but others make me a hissy-cat. That’s a Black Jewel reference, because so much of Anne Bishop’s phrasing creeps into my every day use…

But, I have chapters to write, horses to ride, and a garden to stop from crushing itself. At least this is useful procrastination.


Kale, chives, snowpeas seeds, the big lime, and the little lemon in the blue pot. The start of a garden!