Camp NaNoWriMo Week 3: Ah, so I’m not brave…

Camp NaNoWriMo Week 3: Ah, so that happened…

I managed to plan a little bit, but it wasn’t actually as helpful as I would like. In fact, I got so confused about what was going to make it better, and what was going to make it different, that I stared a lot at my glitter pens and tried to think of things I could do with them. Which meant I spent a lot of time trying to get lists to work without much success.

I also discovered that something Jim Butcher said really rings true. This is simple stuff to do, but it’s not easy. Sure, doing character traits and tags sounds like a great idea. It even sounds like it will make a whole lot of difference to the way the draft comes out, and make writing a lot easier. In fact, I think the concept itself is beautifully simple, streamlined, and an absolutely wonderful tool for a writer looking to make the process practical at an increased level. But it’s not easy. It sounds like it should be, but it’s not.

Think of it like this. Someone asks you to describe someone you’ve known for years in a few simple words. In fact, they want you to give them the words that are not only good for description, but that might give you an idea of who the person is. We’re looking for words with just the right tone, so that someone who has never met them will know what to expect with only a couple of sentences. And so they can’t mistake them for anyone else in your circle of acquaintances and friends. Simple, but not easy. Even when Jim Butcher explains it.

The other problem I faced was that I needed someone to tell me what they thought of it. And that meant getting the courage to show the reworked first and second chapter I’d found to someone to read. I am not a brave person. I much prefer to be thorough, cautious. But I was so lost, completely and utterly without a map because I couldn’t work out how to draw one, I needed to try and find 20 seconds of courage.

I gave the chapters to my trusted pre-beta reader. At the end of the week. It takes me a bit to build the courage to get this done.

Here’s hoping I can get something done next week. The 25k is looking unreachable, but I might be able to get to half, maybe, if I get a plan done. Until then, it’s back to the glitter pens and distracting myself with fluffy animals.

Look! Cute!

Dusty, being a cute outside bunny!

Dusty, being a cute outside bunny!


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