Camp NaNoWriMo: The Aftermath

Let me start this by saying this truth; I didn’t meet my word count goal. Didn’t even get close.

But what I did learn was as valuable as the word goal I missed. Since I was working on getting the start on my next draft of a NaNoWriMo project from 2012 done, I thought it was a great idea. What I discovered was that editing is a much different thing, and the focus therefore isn’t as easy to make word count. Unless you count the pages, and pages, and pages, of notes and planning that are required to figure out what is and isn’t working between one draft and the potential and the next.

Editing is about making it better, not different.

My editing teacher told us that was the editor’s creed, and I have been doing my best to stick to it as much as I can. Considering the changes that have happened between the vomit copy drafts of my story, I think I’ve been making things much different instead of deciding on a set of criteria for ‘better’.

And that leads me to what I’ve learned from this Camp. Be okay with adjusting your goals if you realise what you thought the project needed, and what it actually requires, are different things. Sometimes entirely. Editing and writing are two different, interwoven skills. Trying to learn them both at the same time is possible, but it is also difficult. Especially if you set it up so there is a bias towards one skill set.

So between now and next Camp, I am going to focus on getting the editing skill-set a little more established, and working out the details of how the Brandon Sanderson planning approach can be applied retroactively. I will probably be planning something from the beginning too, to give me more practice, but that’s a whole other post.

Hope everyone else had a good Camp!

Duchess had been doing a dead-bunny flop, but got up after Dusty groomed her.

Duchess had been doing a dead-bunny flop, but got up after Dusty groomed her.


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