Week 1: When did that happen?

Week One is done and Week Two is well started, and I have incredibly little to show for it.
I have so little, in fact, that I have written no words at all and feel like I have made a hideous mistake.
Editing is not for a NaNo month.
But, I have said I’ll do it, and I only set the small goal of 25k words so I have no reason to stare mournfully at the computer. Or spend endless minutes debating which colour of glitter pen to use. That’s important stuff, but it is getting in the way.
What doesn’t help is I’ve read some brilliant articles by Jim Butcher, particularly his one on character. I am not very visual, and I am terrible at capturing the key details of people concisely on purpose. So I sit at the computer, Deviantart open so I can search for images to prompt word choice, and pick up glitter pen after glitter pen without laying down a strike or ink or key.
And that is how Week One escaped me and left me in the realms of Week Two without having achieved anything writerly.
I did ride my horse, and help with a cosplay I’ll be wearing on the weekend, but the words haven’t been written and NaNo is unforgiving of excuses when the final day comes.
I suppose I better get to actually editing tonight, or a serious caffine addiction could be in the making.


Bridget, a key distractor in Week One as she figured out this riding caper isn't so bad after all.