It’s That Time of Year! Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 April

If you are thinking that the only time I do blog posts is around NaNoWriMo events, you would be right. Partly because I find these crazy forays into the writerly wilderness so much fun I need to write about writing, and partly because I am a terrible journal writer and so I tend to forget in between… But, I am heading once more into the challenging landscape of writing, with cabin mates at the ready! If you haven’t signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo yet, I highly recommend doing so, and getting out your particular favourite writer treat. Mine is tea, and glitter pens.

In what I can only determine was an exhausted, over-caffinated state, I agreed that since Camp is made for rebels, I was going to be a real rebel and edit! That’s right, I decided that editing was a really awesome idea. And not just any edit, oh no, I am doing the first actual attempt an edit on a Camp project from three years ago. Which is the first of a trilogy that was so badly plotted out, Book 2 barely managed to get done, and Book 3 just wouldn’t write because of the culmination of plot and character inconsistencies. Can anyone else see how this could possibly go wrong?

But, I have a wonderful cabin, a supportive bf who is still deciding if he’s doing Camp too, and more glitter pens than you can poke a stick at! I also have been working on a purely skill-focused project lately, and while I am still at heart a pantster/discovery writer, I may actually have a vague idea about this mystical ‘Plot’ thing. I’ll be doing a series on the project itself, once I get the point where I’ve stopped sulking about how hard it all is and hindsight comes into play. Some friends of mine are doing this as an online writers’ group, and while the original is done weekly we’ve decided to go fortnightly. A chapter every two weeks, when focusing on the things Brandon Sanderson talks about is much easier to fit around work and life and ponies, so while I may be sulking in a truly determined fashion, I am still learning a lot.

Camp NaNoWriMo is going to be all about starting to get some plot/setting/character balance happen in Book 1, and setting myself up for Book 2 either later in the year or next year depending on how well this Camp goes. But I have glitter pens, and tea, so I am as ready as I’ll ever be to go hunting Suck Dragons and find out what my characters were hiding last time we hung out.

Everything is better with glitter pens! Even plotting!

Everything is better with glitter pens! Even plotting!

Because my pony is cute, and fat ;)

Because my pony is cute, and fat 😉