The Power of Friends

Sometimes, I think the hardest thing to get my head around when picking up my ‘writer’ hat is that I am not alone.
I may be the only one to tell the story this way, but that doesn’t mean I am truly isolated.
Considering my Thesis contained a lot of information about the collective reality of writers, you think I would have figured it out. I hadn’t, and even though I talk to friends who write, I still found myself feeling disconnected from them in a creative world sense.
Until I realised how much time I wanted to spend in their story worlds, and how eager they were to share in mine. It was, and is, humbling and thrilling to have people who want to be part of the process with you, and who want nothing more than to know what happens next. My friends are so good to me,  they even ignore spelling/grammar issues because it’s vomit copy and they are just happy to be included.
Since the realisation managed to get my attention, I have been able to pick up a story I had set aside. The characters were waiting for me, and we are currently finding out exactly what is the significance of ancient relics being in the hands of mortals. I have a feeling it’s not a sign of peace and prosperity…
Sharing my not-yet-polished work has made me feel more connected to my friends and my work. Now I just have to keep writing words to keep up with demand!


Speaking of friends helping each other, here is Bridget and her friend. Now she has made friends, they are determined to ‘help’ with the whole ‘leading’ idea.


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