Week Four: Unexpected Contentment

This week I have discovered that I am grateful for things I has been overlooking when I started Camp NaNoWriMo.
I am grateful for my train travel to work. It helps break my day into manageable chunks, and gives me permission to use my time in those chunks. I can write on the train, and it makes me appreciate time I would usually find a burden.
I am grateful I set myself modest goals. As I wrote, I found the old style of writing I had thought vanished began to emerge. It isn’t the same, it lacks the brightness and sparkle I was used to. But it is there, building on one little idea onto another until the ‘short story’ jas hit nearly 10k words. Not a bad effort really.
And I am grateful for this blog, because it makes me act in a mindful fashion. Instead of losing myself in the feeling of the moment and being overwhelmed, I am able to step back and look for the lesson I could be learning. How do I use this moment to make the right thing easy?
The universe has thrown amazing distraction at me during the last week, which I am so pleased with I dare not say much in case it comes to naught.
Instead, here is a cute bunny picture!


Duchess had been helping me clean, as demonstrated by the torn up newspaper. She is all tuckered out!


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