Week Three: Procrastination and Planning

This week has been a drag out fight between my determination to write and the universe’s ideas. The universe is winning.
As is usual for Camp NaNoWriMo, I have caught a cold and become distracted by the goings on of the world. Today, I am going to have a horse riding lesson, and my head is full of horses. It makes it very hard to focus on the characters in my short stories and their predicament. Especially when I have reached that perplexing contradiction of being reluctant to write now the confrontation has arrived.
Looking over my writing past, I have found I shy away from moments of great drama, conflict, or high stakes. They matter, and the pressure to get them right is intense. So I avoid them, and leave it as problem for Future Editor Me. Of course, this usually means  the piece sits in the proverbial draw and I am unlikely to look at it unless I am stuck for news ideas.
After Camp, I am thinking of writing a list of all the stories I have in various stages with the plan of using procrastination in my favour. If I don’t want to work on one project, there must be something less disagreeable on the list to do.
That’s how I ended up booking a riding lesson, after all.


Dusty and Duchess sharing a treat, because bunnies are cute.


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