Camp Week Two: Chicken soup, metaphorical and literal.

Chicken soup is good for the soul, right?
I have to admit it, I’ve finally hit that typical Week Two Slump that was always coming. I made it through until three days ago. And then I opened my laptop, went to write words, and just couldn’t.
Week Two has arrived with a belated whammy, complete with some sort of cold-thing. I knew that was coming, I have seen people have missing for days at work. Some members of my dear family and extended family have been almost bed-ridden with it. And I had thought I would somehow magically avoid it because writing is somehow magic…
On the up side, I have written nearly 10k words. Considering the week before I was nearly contemplating what to do with my life without writing, it’s a pretty significant step forward.
I have two ‘finished’ short stories, and two more in the works. For someone who struggles to get a story down in less than 75k, that’s an impressive start too.
And a big, huge, amazing thank you to everyone who has followed this blog, because there are 50 of you! And I am so excited! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
So I have had a massive, wonderful week, and I am going to spend the next week trying to fight off this cold. And, of course, writing words.
Maybe I can have a lead character whose name doesn’t start with ‘S’…

This week, I am going to go through the not small supply of chicken soup in the freezer, and keep chipping away at the words.

Duchess and Dusty being affectionate.

Duchess and Dusty being affectionate.


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