Week One; Short Story Magic

I am confused, in a good way, and I am blaming Camp NaNoWriMo.
Somehow, despite my protestations that I am terrible at short stories, they seemed to like me in the first week on Camp.
Between the quiet but stubborn Stasia and her cat, and determined Samuael, I actually managed to write every day I sat down to do so. Not the word count needed for a whole NaNoWriMo, but enough to make me feel like I had achieved something.
I will see how the next week goes, since Week Two is notorious for changing the landscape in unexpectedly difficult ways, but I have a fledgling hope now.
The real secret to this success, I hazard, has less to do with the magic of Camp, and more to do with using limitations as advantages. By restricting my writing time to very distinct time periods, in this case the train trips to and from work, I seem to have condensed my creativity into usuable blocks. Another win for Camp!


I’m not the only one condensing important activities. A break in the rain is always to be taken advantage of.


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