Pre-Camp Post

Camp NaNoWriMo is just around the corner again, and I find myself clumsily stuffing anything I can find into my bag.
For some reason I don’t really want to investigate, I am going to attempt Camp again this year. Despite the beyond appalling showing I had last time. It must be a kind of self-inflicted madness, though I seem to be collecting people to drag in with me. At least we can all be mad together I guess.

I have been gently coaxing myself to write lately, things that make no real sense and are not part of a story. I am hoping to do much the same with Camp. Somehow, I am going to coax myself through a much smaller word count than usual, and see what I can produce around my new job. I’m writing this on the train in, determined to make the hour trip worth something to me in and of itself.

This time, I have no idea what my Camp project is, and I am hoping I can bear that better this time than last time. We’ll see. There are still a few more days to get a panicked idea ready.


Our local wildlife, a wet and hungry kookaburra.

Maybe this little guy has some ideas to share…


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