Ready, Steady, Go! Tomorrow… Camp NaNoWriMo Here I Come!

I am writing this post on the train, on a bright and shiny red laptop I got as a reward for getting a for real job and as motivation to make the best of my train trips.

And the best thing is it coincides almost perfectly with Camp NaNoWriMo. In fact, this is my pre-Camp post, designed to make me feel that little bit more accountable so I have to write.

One of the things I have been struggling with is finding the right kind of motivation to make writing easy. It’s been nothing but hard. In fact, it’s been so hard I have spent the last let’s-not-work-it-out avoiding writing.

Here I am, making a new commitment to the craft. Over this coming Camp, I am going to try something I have never really tried before.

I am going to write short stories.

Setting them in someone else’s world.

Because fanfiction has to be easier than writing it all yourself, right?

All I can do is hope that I am able to get some writing done each day. That will be a bigger achievement than anything else right now. But I am going to try. And early mornings and cold fingers be damned!

Bring on Camp NaNoWriMo! I am so almost-vaguely-mostly ready!

Someone else is ready too!

Someone else is ready too!


Pre-Camp Post

Camp NaNoWriMo is just around the corner again, and I find myself clumsily stuffing anything I can find into my bag.
For some reason I don’t really want to investigate, I am going to attempt Camp again this year. Despite the beyond appalling showing I had last time. It must be a kind of self-inflicted madness, though I seem to be collecting people to drag in with me. At least we can all be mad together I guess.

I have been gently coaxing myself to write lately, things that make no real sense and are not part of a story. I am hoping to do much the same with Camp. Somehow, I am going to coax myself through a much smaller word count than usual, and see what I can produce around my new job. I’m writing this on the train in, determined to make the hour trip worth something to me in and of itself.

This time, I have no idea what my Camp project is, and I am hoping I can bear that better this time than last time. We’ll see. There are still a few more days to get a panicked idea ready.


Our local wildlife, a wet and hungry kookaburra.

Maybe this little guy has some ideas to share…

It’s been a while…

I have been a very lax writer of late.
In fact, I haven’t written a single creativr thing in more weeks than I care to admit.
What I did do was throw myself into another hobby, and another project, with the focus and determination usually reserved for NaNo.
So, since I have no writing news, here is a part of the project I was working on. Tatted Dragons. I will add the link when I get to a computer, but I’m putting the post up to get leverage on myself.


Four little dragons all in a row