Silence is telling.

The gap between this post and my last is not just the result of my life taking a few crazy turns that made me appreciate stillness and sleep.
It is not, as I would like to believe myself,  because I have been so inspired I just havent had time to blog.
It is, instead, a reflection of the creative silence I have been battering myself against. Much like a magpie who somehow gets into the kitchen,  I am sure what I want is somewhere nearby, but I have no way of getting it and so attempt to go back to what I know. And between me and the sky is a invisible barrier more implacable than I am strong or determined.

Mind Silence, the kind where no words truly settle, has been my companion these last few months. I have attempted to use NaNoWriMo to help me break loose, but all I’ve found is a ringing mockery of what I want. What I need is so far from where I am, I don’t know where to even start.

Today, I started here. Because here I don’t have to get it right, I just have to write, and it can be as concrete as my world has become. That’s part of the process right now,  finding new ways to start, and new ways to start over.


Duchess thinks this is the way to start every day.