Week Two Already?

This morning I woke up and realised it’s a good way into Week Two of this Camp NaNoWriMo, and I am yet to hit 10k…
Oh dear.
I have had a serious change to my routine, and while I thought it wouldn’t affect me, I am more a creature of habit than I realised.
This morning, as I got myself dressed and put on make up, I came to the conclusion that I had been trying to follow my old NaNoWriMo habits. They were great before, I’d had great success with them in the past. But none of those attempts had required me to truly pull out every moment of time and squeeze writing in.
That’s how I ended up here, in Week Two, with barely a plan or word written.
Pantsing, the act of writing by the seat of your pants and hoping, was a familiar thing for me before I went to university and the made me plan everything. Now, I can barely get the energy to contemplate how to pants, let alone actually do it.
As I thought about this post, and how I’d meant to write on last week, I came to the conclusion that this Camp NaNoWriMo isn’t just about getting Gwen to figure out she’s a witch and her brother does actually love her, it’s about me learning to take opportunities and run with them.
If I see an inch, I should take it and run until I have a mile.
I’ll have to get out my writing running shoes.
Good thing there is a weekend coming!


Dusty and Duchess curled up for a cuddle. Best idea ever!


Book Review: ‘Dare You To’ by Katie McGarry

When I first picked up this book, I was curious but hesitant. The blurb sounded great, two very different teens are twined together by a late night dare and some quirky ‘it’s a small world after all’ occurance, and have to fight for the love they find.
The story is told in first person, alternating between Beth and Ryan, and explores what it costs to be true to you, to do the right thing, and the importance of doing so. The voices of the characters are distinct, so it’s pretty clear who is point of view the whole way through, even without the chapters being named.
I picked this book up basically on a whim, and I am really glad I did. The characters are engaging, believable, and the writing style carries the emotions right to you. I’ll be honest, I cried reading this one, on the packed morning train no less, which is one of my criteria for a well written book. Usually I read at home, but this was so enthralling I couldn’t leave it behind for the day.
I don’t have a rating system but this is one I would share with friends, and make sure I got back.


My resident book 'critic', who isn't getting her teeth into this one.

Duchess, trying to convince me she’s a good ‘critic’.