Packed and Panicking: Camp NaNoWriMo April 2014

I am packed. Virtually,  digitally packed, at any rate. Camp NaNoWriMo is here, and I accidentally ended up organised.
I have my notebooks, my good pens, a keyboard that makes typing easy, and a supply of Hello Panda to ward off sugar crashes.
There is even an idea, just waiting to be a full story.
So here I am, sitting at the door with my suitcase, waiting until it’s time to head off. I could start now, but it’s early and I am overcome but sudden nerves.
Instead of being gleeful at the adventure to come and the friends to meet, I am starting to feel sick in my stomach. The doubts, and my still present Inner Editor, are giving me a hard time. What if my characters don’t like me? What if the ridiculously early mornings make my brain squish? What if my bunnies eat all the things I need and none of the things left out for them?
Oh, how I hope I haven’t signed myself up for a month of procrastinating, more crochet than content. Time to make a start though.
Onward! To stories, adventure, and the hunt for Plot Bunnies!


Duchess helping look for my inspiration


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