The Dice Gods Know

Last night I had the coolest character creation session in a while, and it was all thanks to the dice gods and some well made tables.
Part of the fun was the amazing group of people and the interesting rule set, but then we hit character background and it got interesting.
I am not, I confess, a good person for planning characters regardless of why I should be. I tend to fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants whether it be for roleplays or writing. Usually, this flexibility works in my favour during the initial stages of party balancing or vomit copy drafting. Of course, it means my characters don’t have much background to start with.
Pathfinder and the dice gods soon fixed the background problem! I kid you not, I had picked a funky race I’d never heard of and one of their specialist classes, and every dice roll I made just increased the awesomeness of this random character I had never thought of.
As people, we are trained to look for patterns and to make meaning out of things. As a writer, it’s my job to set up information to work with, and sometimes contradict, patterns of story and character that are a big part of how I see the world.
I’m bracing myself of a foray into ‘Now What?’ month in February, so I’m taking the dice gods advice on board. It’s time for me to take the stories I have and work them into a bit of a tapestry. It’s not going to be pretty, or overly intricate, but it’s going to be my work.
And if I get stuck, I know how to get myself thinking outside my usual parameters…

Edited to have a different picture, this is what happens when I think a picture is awesome…

Someone is helping me find things I put 'somewhere safe'.

Someone is helping me find things I put ‘somewhere safe’.


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