Mind Silence

There is a silence that seems to follow big things, a pause for consequences. It lingers, and the less clear the connection between case and effect, the longer and broader the silence.
I am sitting in a kind of silence, my mind still blank from the effort of getting Thesis coherent before deadline. There was the promise of great things, or productivity to rival even the months of NaNoWriMo. Those promises are echoes in the vast, soft silence as I try and tease out anything that may resemble motivation. Creativity has curled up in a corner somewhere, and isn’t coming out.
However, I have been able to write lists. Lots of them. I have lists of my story ideas, where they are in the process, what I know I can do to fix things. I have lists of small things I can do to try and bring back motivation. Lists and lists and lists.
Now all I have to do is cross some things off them.
Blog post, check!

Someone is trying to help make the lists go away, but I don’t think it’ll help…


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