In the Gods’ Hands: Day 9 and 10

I think this should be considered proof that NaNoWriMo is cyclic, and sometimes it’s very hard to be structured. I am, however, actually working through the previous days symbols and making some sense of them. It’s not looking like it makes too little sense or too much sens, so that’s probably better than my previous NaNoWriMo attempts.


Day 9



Day 10



More interesting things on the dice!

So far, I think the story is going to be based on a McGuffin of Prophecy, that I have no idea how it’s going to work in the long term. And apparently there is a secret underground city, which is somehow related to the lyrics ‘Come down/Far below/ we’ve been waiting to correct the things you know’. Yup, this story is getting more and more unusual as I go. Should be really good to get a couple of days actually writing it! Fingers crossed for the weekend.



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