Journal: That Story

This weekend I discovered that doing something different can give you a new outlook on where you are, emotionally, mentally, even in relation to your goals. I helped my dad build a fence, and even though my first response was ‘I can’t do that’, I managed somehow and felt better for it.

Today, I was talking to my amazing Thesis Supervisor, and she asked me about how I got so organised. I’m not organised, by the way, I just make it look like it. And I learned it through being sick. Which, as I sat on the train staring into the rainy night, I realised Alicia doesn’t know she’s learning.

Suddenly, the block I has been happy to leave there shifted a bit and the story moved a little in my head.

And a black striped cat stuck his head through.

Jax: a small, short haired black cat who appears on the fence post of Huey’s yard. He has green eyes, and he really would like a cuddle if he doesn’t have to go too far from his big furry friend. Often seen stalking the sparrows, but yet to be seen catching one, he claims Alicia as his person. He is actually really striped up close, but it may take a while for anyone in the book to find out.


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