Back to basics

Sometimes, everything gets to the point where it’s all a bit much. Thinking about anything other than things I have to do is beyond me. Even the little thing that would actually be easy to slot in, just the idea is too much. Not a great place to start.
To get some brain space, I realised I needed to get myself some sort of order in my head. Considering the running joke is that logic wants to be tried separately, that can be a bit of an ask. But, I’m lucky, I have a brilliant group of people who listen to me and make suggestions, and since they’re my family it can be refreshingly blunt.
I needed to make time for things. That meant parcelling my day into increments of things that must be done. Time on assignments, time on Thesis, and time for writing. None of those were optional.
I sat, somewhat rebellious, at my laptop and folded my arms. I couldn’t write, I had a bajillion things that need done! And I didn’t know what to write or anything. Of course, the question that followed was to the point.
What do you like doing the most?
I was going to offer a quick but amusing retort, but paused instead. I like free writes. I like listening to music and writing whatever comes to mind. Digging my hand into my quote box and pulling out a random line that strikes a chord, or doesn’t, and writing about that.
Some of my friends think I’m mad, but the more I owned that truth, the more I relaxed and then I found myself doing free writes again. For the first time in months, the characters I already know didn’t intrude or demand, they waited in the wings for their turn. I enjoyed the short, sharp beauty of the writing, caught up in those defining moments without worrying if it made sense.
I found my happy writing place.
And I’m going back there later, after I’ve done assignment and Thesis, and I will be glad.



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