Tidying up

I have been so uninspired lately that it was all I could do to belt of the words I needed to get through Camp NaNoWriMo. Even then, the jaunts at the keyboard that would normally leave me feeling a sense of achievement instead only made me feel more like I should just put it all down and walk away for a whole.
And then uni reared it’s ugly head and reminded me how much I still had to do to get through the rest of the year. Not even do well, just get through. That is a brilliant feeling.
So when I stepped into my cluttered living and working space yesterday, already exhausted from a terrible night’s sleep, I looked at the piles of stuff and just stared. Then, a soft little voice, almost angry but not quite, said I should just clean up the washing and then I would feel better. So I did.
Like most things that start small, cleaning up didn’t stay confined to the parameters of ‘washing’. In fact, it escalated until somehow it was 8pm, I had cleaned and vacuumed half of room while getting two loads of washing hung up, and I had forgotten to eat dinner. But I felt so much better.
Doing something small makes the next bit possible. I am an impatient person, I often rely on critical mass to get me through whatever it is I’m doing. But sometimes critical mass doesn’t arrive when you expect or need it. Murphy’s Law and all that.
Small, achievable goals are a good way to start. Once my room is clean, and I’ve rescued my desk from the clutter that I put there until I find it a home, I’m going to come up with a list of small goals. Until then, I have my fallback list. Eat food, do a free write or two, read an article for Thesis, write in my food journal. It’s not a bad list, really. I think I might put ‘tidy up’ on there as well, keep on top of the mess monster rather than letting it build an empire in my room.



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