Sometimes, the world gets so hectic that it seems like the moment you stop the whole thing will fall over. Which would be bad, since the whole spinning thing is what keeps us on the planet and not drifting in space. Or so I’m told anyway.
The point is that movement, even movement that isn’t immediately obvious, is a necessary part of the world and sometimes it’s all you can do to go with it.
Sometimes the movement is external, sometimes it’s internal. The external can be a help or hinderance, as Camp NaNoWriMo is proving on a daily basis. It gives context and goals, and accountability. Personally, I need those to get anything done.
Internal movement can be much harder to recognise. Here’s a trick I’ve found that helps. Take a moment to be still, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Breathe right down into your stomach, put your hand on there if it helps, and let the breath out softly. After a few of those, quietly ask what you feel you should be doing instead of breathing. I should be writing, my breathing tells me. Reading resources for my thesis. Going for a walk. Cooking. Working out what to do with my life as a grown up person, theoretical grown up person at any rate. As each one builds, I let it come to me on the inhale, and let it go on the exhale. Yes, I do need to do those things. No doubt there. But I can’t do them all at the same time! That would be risking an injury at the very least.
So I breathe, consciously, for a few minutes. And then I write out a list, while making sure I keep deep breathing and not that shallow, panicky breath that usually comes with facing the hard and scary things like lists. Then I breathe some more, and break the list down into little things.
This blog post was on my list, and I’ve written the whole thing taking deliberate deep breaths. After all, it’s nearly the end of July, and I have a lot to do yet.
Good thing there are some days left, and plenty of time to breathe.

And pat dogs, because pets make everything better!


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