Journal: That Story, Camp 3/7/14

This is the first journal entry for this project. Honestly, this project isn’t going well at all. At three days into Camp Nano, I should be able to bring myself to write some words, any words, but instead I am struggling to put anything down at all. Not entirely surprising considering that the only project I can think of is pretty terrible.
I am not a brilliant creative mind, I have no illusions on that score, but I do normally pride myself on having stories with a bit of meat in them from the get go, something to explore and push and shape.
That Story is not one of those pieces. It is awful, even as a concept. I can write more about it in a rant than I can bring myself to put down on paper.
But, this is Camp. So, without further ado, here is a little about the main character of this terrible effort.
Alicia Kelly is 23, and suffers from a medical condition that has baffled her doctors over the last few years. None of the treatments have worked, and her only option is to move to the country and see if that helps. Her parents have secured her a small farmhouse just outside a country town, in the hopes that it will make it easier for her to get better. Alicia, unable to think of anything else that might work, has just moved in, and the task of making herself at home in the middle of nowhere for the next year is all the more daunting now that her boyfriend has confirmed what she knew was coming. He won’t be moving with her, and perhaps they should take a break. Never one to want pity, Alicia got him to say what he really meant, and they’re no longer an item. She misses having someone there for her, but the things he said haunt her and make her both glad and despondent. Who, honestly, would want someone who can barely get out of bed some days as a romantic partner? There are sacrifices made in all relationships, but not having a bright, happy partner on his arm was too much for her now ex. Alicia is left to unpack the boxes of non-essential things alone.

If it’s not immediately obvious why this story is terrible, it should get clearer over Camp.
Maybe if I write some today, tomorrow will feel better. We’ll just have to see.


2 thoughts on “Journal: That Story, Camp 3/7/14

    • Well, in that case, I better get on with it. I suppose that’s really what Camp is about, getting the crazy stories out and done and seeing that they’re really going to look like in the end.
      Hope your Camp is going well! 🙂

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