When did July get so close?

So, July did that thing where it snuck up on me, and I am sitting here in a daze. It’s Camp NaNoWriMo again (http://campnanowrimo.org). For the next few weeks I’m going to be buckling down and getting some more university work done, as well as taking on a new, and very difficult, story.

To give me some sort of accountability, I am planning on writing a journal for the progress of That Story, as the creative piece has been named, and it will have its own section on the blog and everything! I don’t know yet how often I will update the journal online, particularly since I’ll be keeping a hand written one as well since this story is pretty much the thing I promised myself I would never write. Seriously, it’s crammed full of all the things I hate or would hate writing like. And yet, here I am, at the start of Camp with nowhere else to go. So, forward it is.

And that’s just it, sometimes the only way you have to go sucks, but if you don’t go then it’ll suck more because you’ll be stuck.

Not making a decision is actually making the decision to do nothing. I am too easily bored to do nothing.

Bring it on July, I am ready for you with your terrible stories and serious academic work. I am not afraid! Much. Well, maybe a little…


Terrible picture of Turtle, whose first name changes based on the moment. Awkward, Hungry, and Terrified are all good options.


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