Give it to a busy person

So, on the writing front, since I haven’t gotten to doing my blog in far too long, I must first apologise for my absence. It was not caused, entirely, by Writer’s Block, but by the huge demands that university made on my time. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, I probably haven’t, but I’m doing my Honours Thesis, the capitals are deserved, and it has just been the last few weeks of semester. Uni assessments are hard, and scary, and they make the rest of the universe need to stop. Which of course it never does, which is why I haven’t updated my blog, or managed to get a decent night’s sleep lately.

There is a saying: If you want something done, give it to a busy person. As a person who was busy, and stressed about it, I want to say that the saying sucks. If you want something done, get off your butt and do it! Sure, sometimes you need other people to do things, but time management should not be a skill-set acquired only by those who somehow managed to get more to do than the universe gives them time for. Note to the Universe: upping the stakes is a good literary trope, but I could do without it in my real life, thanks!

Having said that, I want to make a point of clarification. We’re all busy people. Even when we don’t feel like it, when there’s nothing pencilled in. We all have to decide what the shards we’re going to do with the day, tomorrow, the week coming, next month, next year, next forever. And sometimes it’s easier to just write a list and then stick to it, head down and working hard, until the list gets shorter. Which it never does, because the Universe likes to give things to busy people too.

Don’t lose yourself to the busy. Easy to say, a whole lot harder to do. I lost myself to the busy for a while there. All I could talk about was Uni, all I could think was academia, and everything else had to wait because of the immense pressure of being Busy. And it sucked. It sucked so much that I found myself longing for the train rides into the city, the car trips I had to make to work. Those times, on the way to one place or another, I could not be busy for a bit. And in that on-the-way-to-busy, I found something interesting. My brain relaxed. It was ready. It was prepared. It looked at the world and went ‘well, that’s interesting, let’s have an easy, light think about it.’ And it was content to not panic. I wasn’t so content not to panic, and I kept trying, but it was hard, sitting on the train as people tried very hard to cacoon themselves in their personal space bubbles so they didn’t have to vaguely interact with the person rubbing shoulders with them as the train rocked on the tracks.

In the middle of Busy, sometimes there needs to be a minute to make a cup of tea, drink it, and savour the humour of the situation. When you’re Busy, you want to rest, and when I’m not Busy there is a part of me that is lost and a bit afraid. I can’t win that battle, and perhaps it’s not a battle at all but a balancing act.

Now all I need to do is learn how to make the balancing act work so I can get writing again. That’ll be fun, I think, and something that I can do no matter how busy I am.

And necessary cute pony picture. These guys are balancing out their inquisitive side! Especially since they’ve just discovered the egg stone is actually a fountain and they can drink from it. Ponies, they are hilarious.

Mimic, Bridget, and Archer investigating the egg fountain

Mimic, Bridget, and Archer investigating


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