Rinse and repeat

I was trying to think of what to write for this blog post, an i suddenly realised that all the things I wanted to say, I’d touched on before. Every single idea.
It was frustrating because I had in my head that repeating myself was not an option, that I had to make new content that I hadn’t already talked about. But I stared at the blank page, defeated before I began.
And suddenly I realised I had bought into an unstated assumption about what bloggers do, they make new content all the time and never come back to cover something from a different angle. Don’t ask where I came up with they idea, I don’t know, but it’s stupid and debilitating, so I’ve decided to ignore it.
This blog is meant to track what I do to become a better writer, but I lost sight of that this week. I got caught up in the ‘ought self’ of blog writer, and completely missed the point I was actually aiming for.
This week, I discovered that not addressing what you’re aiming to do can undermine any or all progress towards the goal. Not being aware of the way you see something can create some serious pitfalls too. Taking a mental step back gave me the space to realise that what I need to do is go over the stuff I’d started to do, but haven’t made habit yet.
Start small, make little achievable goals, gather Motivational Mass whenever possible, and remember to breathe.
The stories in my head only have me to tell them. Even if someone else has exactly the same idea, right down to character names and plot, both stories will be told in an entirely different fashions. The characters and subplots that call to me won’t necessarily get the attention of anyone else. Some people may say that Shakespeare wrote all the plots already, but I bet the same idea in someone else’s hands would have come out entirely different.
So, little steps, and everything counts. Rinse and repeat.
After all, if Bridget and the ponies can get along after a couple of days and establish new behaviours, so can I.