Dream Big

When it comes to writing, there are very few things that suck more than struggling to find the time to write. It’s painful, being so aware every second you’re doing something else that it’s eating into the time you’re meant to be creating. But life throws things in the way, it leaps at you, like a toddler who believes in your absolute ability to catch them, and that’s all you can try to do.I understand that. It happens pretty much every time I want to get serious about writing. Every time. But, it can actually be helpful.

Sometimes, putting pressure on yourself to write, and write well, makes it impossible to put any words on the page at all. It gets in the way of even thinking about going back over work because you know it’s not as good as it could be and you don’t have time to fix it all. When that happens, step away for a minute or two and let yourself dream big.

Right now, my big dream is having somewhere closer to home to keep Bridget, and still being able to go up and see my family regularly. Getting bigger, I want to have two horses, and a float, so I can go for rides with someone just because. And I want to have the time for it.

Since admitting that big dream, I’ve slowly started to get back into the little habits that were so much part of my daily life I forgot they existed. I’ve started narrating things to myself, making up stories about things in my head. I’ve found myself wondering odd little things, like what would I put in this room if I were a character? These are all good little wonderings.

Every time you let yourself do a little ‘what if’ or ‘how come’ or ‘what next’, you’re stretching those creative muscles and getting closer to writing something that feels light and easy. At least in the beginning. Writing is hard, sustained writing is an endurance sport that starts with a sprint. I’m not sure if there are any real sports that are based on the idea that you go really hard at the start, and then try desperately to finish, but I could be wrong.

Getting immersed in the absolute here and now is sometimes necessary to sort out life enough to relax and find that happy writing space. But next time you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, and can’t get a word down, why not ask yourself to find a big dream? Don’t worry about how to get there, unless you’re a planner and that’ll help, just let yourself imagine something based around your life. After all, it’s the one narrative you know inside out, and you’re the protagonist.

And if you can’t figure out how to start, why not write it here in a comment? Just a quick one. My big, shiny dream is…

Bridget, because she’s part of my Big Dream.

2 thoughts on “Dream Big

  1. My big shiny dream is

    getting this rewrite down by the end of the year. And having a decent draft to show. So the characters can stop yelling at me.

    Great post as usual! Write we shall!

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