One of Those Weeks

So, ever had one of those weeks where everything seems to just explode when you touch it? If so, I think we should get together, form a club, and make pretty badges with some cool picture and a witty saying on it.

One of those weeks makes you wonder what the universe is trying to tell you, and when there doesn’t seem to answer it’s just worse. And all the time, all the things are piling up and demanding that something be done, while it’s like climbing up a hill, in the fog, in the dark, with someone randomly adding things to the load you’re carrying. Which is to say, it’s cold, annoying, and makes you want to swear in all the languages you can Google translate.

In weeks like this, the only thing to do is break everything into small steps. Need to get up that hill, just take one step at a time. Eventually, you’ll get there. Have an essay to write? Read one sentence at a time, and you’ll get through the references so you can write it, one word at a time. This post is being written one word at a time, and I’m hoping that when I put it together, it makes some form of sense.

Another thing to try during one of these weeks, that may stretch into months, is to find something that you can do. Like read references, or books in the genre you’re writing, or looking up pretty pictures or good songs that make you feel like doing something. I am planning on watching some particularly good series for their incredible romantic tension, so I can work out what makes it work and try and imitate it when I take a look at Book 1 again.

Don’t be too hard on yourself during these times, because that’s the easy option and makes it all the harder to get up and get things done. Do the hard thing, give yourself something you can do, because not only will you feel better about it but you’ll be making the best out of a frustrating time. Be kind to yourself, be aware of what you can do, and let yourself build up gently. It’s hard, but it does help a lot. And it stops me wishing I could curl up in a ball and not come out until someone provides me with a kitty or a horse.

There would be a picture, but part of my week was my trustworthy laptop dying, so this is post was written on my new one, and it doesn’t have any pictures on it yet. I’ll have to work on that…


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