Hard slog this week

One of the hardest things about writing, for me, is that it makes me face my strengths and weaknesses without the benefit of ‘because’.

This week has been a really hard slog, and there is nothing I can say that does anything to make it any more effective. In fact, the last blog post ‘In the Village’ was written about four days before I got it onto the blog, which was two days after I wanted to get it into the Internet. This post is making its initial draft as I wait for another early morning appointment.

So, as I write this, I admit that I have let the world get away from me this week. And I admit that a good part of it is because I don’t have a strategy to deal with writing. Until a few days ago, I didn’t even realise I was letting myself off the hook in terms of writing. Now, as another exhausting day stretches before me, the morning unexpectedly cool for summer, I have to do something about it. I need to take my own advice and do something small.

That’s the thing about changing your approach to creativity, I guess, it’s hard to look at yourself and your process analytically. This is where resources might come in handy, and I will confess to having a yearning to dig out my rather extensive post-it-note collection. For me, I’ve found that the need for stationary is a good indication that I’m trying to organise myself to give me creative mental space. But I also know that I need to talk to people about the plot I’m working on, and the ones that are waiting in the wings. Just like I know that getting one small thing done or started will give me the first tiny bit of momentum, I know that there are little things I need to do to break hard down into doable pieces.

So I’ve made a time to have lunch with someone I know who can plot, and I’m going to start with the hardest hong about a new project. I’m going to open a new word document, name the thing, and stare blankly at it for a while before writing the dreaded first sentence. Start small. One word put after another makes a sentences. Start small.

Even the biggest castle was built a stone at a time.


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