In The Village

Sometimes, despite the size of the world and the ever expanding groups we associate with, the truth is the immediate world is a village. The same people just around tr proverbial corner, the same people to talk to and exchange news with. Sure, sometimes there are visitors, and they’re wonderful, but they’re not part of the general reality of the day to day in the village.

Which begs the question, what do you do when something had comes to the village? Not a monster, not wolves or bears in he far woods, but a person who moves in and brings a darkness to your village. What do you do when you need to face that bad regularly, and it’s not possible to tell them to pack their bags and get out?

Dealing with a bad, person or event or anything else, can’t be done without understanding what the bad is, its role in the village, and a better plan than ‘get them!’. A bad can be the cluttered desk, the pile of dishes gaining sentience, the feeling of inertia or negativity that stops you doing what you want. The bad can be ever-present, recurring, or a random visitor who arrives and sets the village on its head. It doesn’t even have to be a bad all the time. Sometimes, the bad is also a good, but it changes, and can leave you with elation or depression. It doesn’t matter what the bad is, or how often it appears, it’s a bad and for the same of the village, something has to be done.

The first step to dealing with a bad is identifying it. Once it’s identified, it can be dealt with. And that’s always the first step, figuring out what the obstacle ahead is. Once that’s done, the village can have a quiet town meeting, and work out what to do about the bad.


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