Stuck? Start Small.

There was a news article clipped out and bluetacked to Mum’s office wall. It was about lion tamers, and how they used the chairs to make the lion hesitate in picking a target. There were four legs, which one would be best? And so the lion did nothing. I can tell you, this week I can really sympathise with the lion…

Having done a really good job of organising my writing, I have discovered the flaw with organising your writing when you’re impulsive and prone to really weird projects. They’re all really difficult and under-developed. Which means that all the ‘World-building/Idea Generation’ group are about as difficult as the ones in ‘Plot’, and ‘Write’ just looks terrifying. I don’t even want to think about the ‘Edit’ pile…

And so I sit, staring, and I realise that I’ve forgotten the rule that fixes it all. Just start small. So I open this page, which I’ve been meaning to do, and write up this post. Because it’s small, and I can do it. And when I’ve done this, maybe I’ll feel like doing something more. Maybe I’ll feel like doing some plotting for the horse story I am thinking about, or maybe start doing some of the last book in the fantasy trilogy I’m meant to be working on.

Just start small.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the biggest project ever, it’s all made up of little things. Break it down, find something small, and do that. Doing something, and being happy that you did something, is a really good skill to have. I’m working on it. Today I am even writing it on my whiteboard. Start small.

Every little bit counts.

Speaking of little things, here is Bobby, who is awesome, and gets into heaps of trouble because he likes to nibble clothes.

Proof that small can be awesome. And fluffy.

Proof that small can be awesome. And fluffy.


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