Starting Somewhere.

Remember the part where I said I was impulsive? Unfortunately that also translates into incredibly messy. Which, I have discovered in my procrastinating internet-trawling, is one of the things that will block productivity. Who knew a messy desk could be such a problem? Actually, I did, but I try and forget that as soon as I’m too lazy to clean my desk. After Christmas, however, my desk looks like a disaster, and I really should do something about that… I even got given some funky new Ikea draws to go under my desk to help with the mess! Which is awesome, but it’s so hot here that I can’t think, let alone gather the energy to sort out tubs of mess.

Instead, I decided to essentially organise my writing by collecting it into some sort of sensical fashion. As an impulsive, character driven writer, all my drafts and notes are labelled by the name of the MC, which can be a bit tricky when you have no memory of a story until you read it. This does lead to issues, and since it’s clearly something I need to work on to stretch my skills, I decided to let myself get super organised about my stories.

I got myself a new notebook, a sketchbook so I could brainstorm on non-lined paper, a folder , and some plastic pockets. I already had a few spare favourite brand pens, some greyleads and coloured pencils, sticky tape and scissors, so that really meant I didn’t need to take them home when I ogled them at the shop. And then I went through all the writing files I had on my computer, and got to work. I wrote down the name of the story, and a brief note so I could remember something about it. That was the start.

The Process:

  • Write out a list of each project by name, any order, on lined paper
  • Add what stage each project is to list, put in front pocket of folder
  • Get one plastic pocket for each project, group projects together in a way that makes sense
  • Small whiteboard divided by stages; prep/research/worldbuild, plot, write, edit. Put it somewhere really obvious, mine is on the wall beside my desk
  • Write story tags under the headings on the whiteboard
  • Be pleased at how organised everything looks

Each plastic pocket includes:

  • 1 piece of sketch paper, mind map style, about the story, themes, scenes, anything
  • 1 piece of lined paper, name of story and Progress Log at the top, in the back of the plastic pocket, facing out

And now I have written a blog post about getting organised! Talk about a productive day! Hopefully I’ll be able to tackle the desk soon, but with the heat of summer rolling along, I think I might just be pleased with these little steps.

Oh yeah, and here is another pic from the farm. Isn’t it the cutest!

Look what I didn't bring home!

Look what I didn’t bring home!


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