So, what is this about anyway?

The start of the year is meant to be a good, and terrible, time to start things and make changes. This year, I have honestly thought about the dreaded Resolutions. I decided that what I need to focus on is writing. Not just doing it, last year I managed to push myself and get a good body of work behind me, but stretching myself as a writer. There are so many skills involved in creating good, emotive stories, ones that make people go back and re-read sections again and again. I want to be able to write something that really resonates, something that really works how I want it to do, even if the only person who ever reads it is me.

How to get to that glorious, mythical point of liking something that I’ve written is a much more complicated problem. It’s all well and good to set Resolutions, but getting them to actually become a reality is a lot more complicated. So, while I stared in panic at the small but meaningful list of Resolutions, I decided to take a deep breath, try a short meditation to reset my brain, and see if I could break things down into smaller pieces. Given other factors, the deep breath and the meditation had limited success, but I did manage to get smaller, more manageable parts.

That was how this blog started, as a step to make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard, thank you too many horse training videos. If I want to improve as a writer, I need to make improvements. If I need to improve, I need to know what my strengths and weaknesses are. To do that, I need to take an honest evaluation of my writing. And then I need to take the small, necessary steps to get from where I am, to where I want to be.

I am an impulsive, character driven, scatterbrain writer, who runs off on tangents, never finishes projects and is always up to her neck in ideas. I have more characters than I care to admit, and I am sure I’ve forgotten many good ideas that I would have rather written about. The writer I want to be is able to plot the impulsive ideas, make plot and world work as well as story, keeps focus on a project, and gets things done. The writer I want to be is only as far away as the effort and time I am willing to put in. And so, this blog is serving the purpose of a record, a training log of what I’m doing to push myself, to make things better, and maybe a place to put the random ideas that I don’t want to lose. Once something is on the internet, it’s there forever, I should be able to find it if I lose it in my mess, right?

So, that’s what we’re here for; pushing past the comfort zone and becoming more than we were when we started. I’m going to get distracted along the way, but there are so many quotes that say persistence is essential to do anything well, I’m hoping that this little piece of internet gives me something to come back to and to help order the chaotic world of writing. We survived the end of the world, time to make the best of it.

Oh, and the picture of my pony, Pickles, is there because I’ve spent the last few days with her at the farm, and I’m missing her already. Isn’t she cute?Image


2 thoughts on “So, what is this about anyway?

  1. You summed up pretty much exactly why I have my writing blog. It’s already turned up useful in reminding me of ideas I had forgotten.

    You’ll do great, lovi, and I’ll nudge you every now and then to make sure you keep moving forward. We’ll be partners in resolution-achieving!

    • Here’s hoping this one will work for me the same way Katia! Glad your blog helped you with your writing and ideas :).

      Anytime you want to motivate me, feel free, I’ll probably need it lol. Resolution-achieving, here we come!

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